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    Gmail: Hide Sponsored Links

    I like GMail but do not want the sponsored links down the side [I find them distracting and annoying]

    This download will remove those ads:


    1. Download and Install Greasemonkey add-on: Link: Greasemonkey

    2. Install GMail Without Ads! GM userscript.


    1. Open the ‘Gmail Hide Sponsored Links’ webpage on your Chrome browser. Link: Gmail Hide Sponsored Links

    2. Click the Install button to install this extension.

    This is applicable for users running Google Chrome Beta version. However it works for me in ChromePlus.

    All ads will now be blocked both from Gmail and Google Apps mail.

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    tech_guy (23rd January 2010)

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    But do you still get a big gap where the ads should be?

    I've got Gmail, Google Apps email, and Google Education Email. All three are identical apart from the gap down the side in the education edition where the ads should be. You'd think that Google might have made the message pane larger or used the space in some way.

    To be honest I never notice the ads and to my knowledge I've never clicked on a single ad in Gmail in years of using it.

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