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Downloads Thread, Workstation Unlocker in Links, Downloads and Scripts; Workstation Unlocker This utility will allow whoever is currently using a workstation to set an expiry time on the station ...
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    Workstation Unlocker

    Workstation Unlocker

    This utility will allow whoever is currently using a workstation to set an expiry time on the station lock. When the time limit has expired another user can use the computer without having to force a reboot or force logout using administrator. It can be configured to behave in several ways depending upon your needs.

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    Looks interesting that you can Switch Users in XP on a domain. I remember Microsoft were going to allow this in XP SP2, but it never happened and is included in Vista/Win 7.

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    Looks good. In the past, I've used a program called RemoteUnlock which allows an administrator to remotely unlock a workstation.

    Essentially, this application (which I call "RemoteUnlock") bypasses the actual "unlocking" code in the winlogon process and simply switches the visible desktop back to Default. An interesting side-effect of this is that Windows (specifically winlogon) still thinks the computer is locked. You can see this when you run RemoteUnlock because while the computer is "unlocked", hitting Ctrl-Alt-Delete does nothing. Why? Because, Ctrl-Alt-Delete is handled by the winlogon process and, as far as it's concerned, the system is still locked. Since a locked computer should already be showing the Winlogon desktop, the system (incorrectly) sees no need to activate the Winlogon desktop again.

    For this reason, RemoteUnlock will "re-lock" the workstation upon termination. (More specifically, it will switch back to the Default desktop.) Otherwise, the system would be in some weird limbo-state where Ctrl-Alt-Delete doesn't work as expected.
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