The best feature of this new Chrome app is the ability to upload music through your browser. This should be great news for ChromeOS users because previously it meant having to install Music Manager on a Windows PC or Mac.

Download (via Chrome Web Store) / Google Play Music Labs (visit to enable the Chrome app)

Google Play Music for Chrome is a free app that adds features to Google Play Music on the web.

  • Add your iTunes music to Google Play
  • Easily upload new songs with drag & drop
  • Download free and purchased songs
  • Control playback with the mini player
With Google Play Music for Chrome, you can now keep all the music you love in the cloud so that you always have it. To add new music, enable the “Google Play Music for Chrome” lab at Then simply drag and drop songs into your Google Play Music library. If you have a lot of music in iTunes or if you want new music to be added automatically, you can configure this by clicking “Add Music” at the top right of

But, wait, there’s more! This new lab has extra goodies. You can now open a handy mini-player by clicking the arrow in the bottom right corner of our web app so you can see what’s playing or skip songs from any tab. Plus, download songs, albums and playlists directly from the web. Let us know what you think!

We built this lab using Chrome Apps and Native Client technology, developers can learn more at and Uploads, downloads and the mini player are just the start, and we are excited to push the boundaries of what’s possible on the web. (Source)