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Downloads Thread, Microsoft OneNote for Mac in Links, Downloads and Scripts; It's free too! Download (Mac App Store) / Introducing OneNote for Mac...
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    Microsoft OneNote for Mac

    It's free too!

    Download (Mac App Store) / Introducing OneNote for Mac

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  2. Thanks to Arthur from:

    psydii (17th March 2014)

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    This is huge.

    It's free everywhere, on windows too!
    it has an API.
    it integrates with ifttt

    This signals a massive shift... Fun times.

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    Looks like it's the first office product that looks the same on both Mac and Windows! Nice job Microsoft!

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    Except it only runs on Mavericks 10.9

    We won't be moving to 10.9 until later in the year.

    EDIT: Hmm, after looking at the reviews and what is missing in OneNote, I'm not so miffed about it only being available on 10.9. It looks like MS has (yet again) crippled their software offering for the Mac and left OneNote quite underdone.

    First impressions: How Microsoft's new OneNote stacks up against Evernote - GeekWire

    Some of the very important features that OneNote for the Mac is missing:

    • Importing PDFs
    • Exporting to PDF
    • Web clipping with rich text. Currently web pages are saved as images
    • Printing support

    At the moment, Evernote is still far better in many ways that OneNote on the Mac. And if you want to spend a few dollars, the Notebook app pretty fully blows the doors off of OneNote. Of course, you don't get that cross-platform goodness with Notebook that a full-featured OneNote would provide, but until MS actually add in a few basic features to OneNote - sorry boys.
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