Link 1: Antarctic Voyages

The Antarctic Voyages app lets you view up-to-date information about the current (or most recent) Antarctic voyage as conducted by the Australian Antarctic Division with Australia's Antarctic research vessel, the RV Aurora Australis.

Link 2: Cachalot

Dive in with Duke University’s Cachalot app, a novel digital textbook designed for students enrolled in Duke’s Marine Megafauna class, but free for everyone, everywhere.

The encyclopedic portion of the app covers all forms of marine megafauna – from Hawaiian spinner dolphins to Magellanic penguins – in easy to read species profiles accompanied by captivating digital media. Learn from a new expert every week as a new species profile is released as the “Megafauna of the Week.”

The course materials will include open access readings from the primary literature and lessons used in class when it commences in Spring 2012.

Link 3: CLAST

Try CLAST, an exciting educational App that will bring you in the wildest place of our planet. Antarctica.

You will discover its geographical and physical features.

You will travel through time too! Since the app is a scientific visualization of the huge amount of results achieved by ANDRILL (Antarctic geological Drilling ANDRILL) an international and integrated paleoclimatic research.

Link 4: Mission Antarctica

Mission Antarctica is an iPad application developed as an educational interface for middle school children as they follow an Antarctic expedition and research program that begin August 2011.The program allows users to easily access content
from the expedition including a live web-cam, a educational site complete with weekly science modules and the science and multimedia content that specifically relates to Antarctica and scientific research in Antarctica.

Link 5: Cold Claim

The place is Antarctica. The year is 2049. Your mission is to locate and extract what is now Earth’s most precious resource: Paleo Water. As expedition leader prepare to navigate harsh terrain, prospect for Paleo, discover artifacts, and claim coldly contested land... while outwitting your rivals and protecting your reputation.

In the spirit of Settlers of Catan and Kingdom Builder, Cold Claim is a strategic board game for two to four players via Game Center or pass-and-play.

Link 6: Album Antarctic HD

The Antarctic stuns! Instead of white silence, filled with the whistle of a cutting wind only, something incredible appears before you: blue, light pink and greenish ice formations; grottos, caves, columns and whole palaces made as if from turquoise glass. Clouds of albatrosses, seals, whales, skuas and enormous colonies of penguins welcome you on the sixth continent which doesn’t resemble any of the other five continents at all.