This is a command line util I just wrote to find domain boxes:

-- With users logged-on e.g. check before remote reboot/shutdowns of boxes.

-- That are "up" on the network e.g. what might need switching off before you leave.

-- As a by-product, with potential problems e.g. no DNS, broken RPC/WMI access.

Works on vanilla domains and has a couple of extra bits for RM CC3. Throw it on a box with dotNet 2 and run "WhoIsOn /?" for info on usage.

It's a first release that's had limited testing. I'm not sure how it will cope on a large congested network with users logged on everywhere because there aren't many of those about in the holidays.

Please let me know if you think you've caught it telling fibs about the status of a box. Do not let me know if you're confused by any of the Windows/AD concepts involved - ask google or read a book instead ;b

Edit just 8 hours later New v0.9.0.1 - had inadvertently broken the bit that lets you run it on a non-domain box to a) view the help, b) be told you need to run it on a domain box.