To update your Extreme SSD, either download the (Windows-only) SSD Toolkit below or the relevant bootable ISO from here.

SSD Toolkit / Release Notes

New changes since version R201:
  • Improved TRIM Latency, TRIM Performance, Background Garbage Collection, Error Handling and Power Management
  • Fixed the normalized value calculation for SMART Attribute "Power-On Hours".
  • Fixed an issue where temperature reading was not reporting correctly.

New changes since version R112:
  • Improved the robustness of the recovery procedure during power cycles and secure erases
  • Fixed an issue that would block a TRIM command sent by an application on Windows 7
  • Improved TRIM throughput, write performance, resume from slumber and checkpoints
If you have the SSD installed in a 2008-2009 MacBook or MacBook Pro you should install firmware R211m.