Morning peeps,

I am completely uncertified in IT (I can hear the gasps lol) - however my experience, dedication and other skills attained in management and project management, I am in a lucky position of running an IT team. Around 10 years ago I paid £800 to national distance learning in Middlesborough to do a hardware course. It was module based and every time I submitted a module my work was awarded a distinction. Anyhow half way through, the company went bust (no refund). Just over 4 years ago, I took redundancy from Royal Mail in which I paid £6,000 to Advent IT which covered (A+, MCDST,MCSA and MCSE), however shortly before sitting the second half of my A+, the company went into administration (no refund).

What I want to do is do quite a few of free on line tests, to gauge as to what I have picked up (plus my weaknesses), over my 5 years in the IT sector, and use library books and further on line free tests to judge when to book an exam. It's just I am no longer in a position to outlay big amounts of cash to learn, plus in this climate, what training companies can be trusted with your money?

Any ideas gang?