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Courses and Training Thread, Microsoft training in Training and Courses; I apologise if this is the wrong section, I could find where to fit it. I'm an IT Technician with ...
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    Microsoft training

    I apologise if this is the wrong section, I could find where to fit it.

    I'm an IT Technician with some 3 years experience. I'm planning on starting some Microsoft qualifications, but don't know where to start. Since the reshuffle of qualifications, they are different to what I remember.

    I'm basically after Windows 7 to start with, then Server 2008. I can see all the details about the qualifications, but I can't understand which one(s) I need to take first.

    Do they need to be in a specific order?

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    Moving to the Courses and Training forum.

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    Question Bump - how to get started?

    I wanted to bump start this thread again, purely because I'm in the exact same boat.

    I can see the route I want to go, what courses I want to do (MCSA or MCSE towards Server Infrastructure). I was just wondering what the best way of going about it is? And what other people have done before?

    To expand my thoughts a little: It seems as though training centres for qualified certifications are very thin around where I am (Herefordshire), even when looking towards Birmingham. I prefer tutor based and hands on based learning; I like to be able to ask stupid questions and actually do it rather than trying to learn across an internet delivered course (although I'm not disregarding the online options). Has anyone been through this and who did they use / how did they find the courses?

    I was also wondering if anyone has completed courses with a certified trainer, but not giving you a certification (I believe NEOS IT do this kind of thing if I remember correctly) then taking an exam afterwards? And how well this has gone?

    I'd love to get some experiences that some others have had and gone though?

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    It depends on how much time you have, and how quickly you want it.

    There are some Training Centers/boot Camps that will charge you a large sum of money to train you up over 3-7 days and then take an exam (Sometimes included in the cost, sometimes not) to get the qualification. Great if your a quick learner and money to burn - not too great though if you want in-depth learning/training.

    You can easily get the same course through a local college for a reasonable price, but this will be over a period of time (Did my A+ over 3 months - one night a week for 2-3 hours) - great price-wise but it may take longer to achieve (or not - depending on how quick you learn).

    I went down the road of doing an A+ with a local college and although it was supposed to take 3 months, I got enough hands-on training time with the equipment and felt fairly happy with what I was taught (Was fairly confident I just needed a tick in the box, but covered a fair bit of networking and a few basic bits I wasn't too familiar with).

    On the flip side I also did an N+ with a training provider and left there feeling fairly confused and bewildered. Went from learning networking in a Microsoft environment to learning about Ubuntu and networking in Ubuntu, and the course then shifted to networking solely in Ubuntu. I felt there wasn't as much hands-on training and felt it was a case of cramming information down our throats to make sure the boxes were ticked by the end of the week.

    But that's my experience - am sure others out there would pick training providers or boot-camp style sessions over colleges.

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