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Courses and Training Thread, Microsoft exams format in Training and Courses; Am about to sit 73-640 Active Directory next week, which is my first ever Microsoft exam. I'm struggling to find ...
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    Microsoft exams format

    Am about to sit 73-640 Active Directory next week, which is my first ever Microsoft exam.

    I'm struggling to find out much about the format of the exam. I know it's 3hrs 15mins and that I'll find out my result on the day. I studied the course materials with the OU earlier this year and when the exam was discussed, we got a reply which was something along the lines of "Microsoft say you're not allowed to discuss the exam questions".

    Can someone help me (and not give too much away lol!) about whether the exam is multiple choice or written answers and whether the exam takes the whole of 3hrs 15mins or if that includes feedback time on the results etc.? Any other tips or advice would be welcome too!

    Many thanks

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    You're not allowed to discuss the content of the questions themselves, but the exams are multiple choice (sometimes with simulations as well - on those I recommend doing them, cancelling them and doing them again so that you've got it exactly right).

    I've never had an MS exam take more than a couple of hours, and even that's quite a generous amount of time. Don't feel any need to rush.

    You get your mark as soon as you complete the exam - it'll appear on the screen. You'll also get details of which areas you're particularly weak/strong in.

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    Without breaking the NDA, the exam format can be as follows (depending on the questions that are allocated to you and the exam that you're taking):

    1. Drag and drop
    2. Mulitiple choice (and the twist of when they give you all correct answer, but you have to choose the best option/shotest method)
    3. Scenarios
    4. Case study
    5. Virtual environments* (it was included and removed due to bugs in the Pro/TS series of exams, however Microsoft was talking about bring it back)
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