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Courses and Training Thread, Monitoring Staff after Training/INSET in Training and Courses; Hi Folks I hope you can help or point me in the right direction... I am about to invest several ...
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    Monitoring Staff after Training/INSET

    Hi Folks

    I hope you can help or point me in the right direction...

    I am about to invest several thousands of Euros into some whole school (Staff) training on the use of Interactive White Boards. It is a pretty broad reaching plan that aims to get everyone up to speed on their Promatheans and to get them writing their own resources and using the thousands of available ones online.

    The plan is to train them in groups of about 15, the sessions will run in 2 sets, the first set will be the basics and be this academic year, the second will be the more advanced topics and will be covered in September and October. A total of 20 hours per staff member.

    The Problem:

    After (and during) the training I need to monitor the use of this training by staff to justify the training in future years. How do I go about monitoring staffs use of the training and their newly gained knowledge... ??

    I have come up blank, the school SMT do a full appraisal based system already but simply stating that the IWBs must be demonstrated to a high standard on the Oberservation lessons will not be enough, plus I think I would get lynched if I suggested that..

    Many thanks in advance for any ideas,


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    Could you knock up a quick proforma which the staff have to complete prior, during and at the end of the course?

    The member of staff comes up with a scenario they would hope to achieve. By the end of these sessions I hope to be able to use ACTIVStudio to be able to create an ACTIVote document. They state their skills before they start and whether they have improved etc at the end. As part of our staff (Teachers and Support Staff) Performance Management we ask them to include a use of ICT / e-Learning target which covers the above questions during their review.

    You could also ammend slightly your Lesson Observation form to include Use of e-Learning / IWB etc, which we have also done. As part of the new OfSTED criteria staff may be asked the question if they have access to an IWB why didn't they use it - I am aware that some lessons may not lend themselves to using the IWB but some do. It's also not just about using the kit but using it for a teaching and learning purpose. Some schools tend to get obsessed with things like IWB's but it very rarely has an impact on learning in some cases.

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    How are you identifying existing training needs?

    The core of the training solution is based on the preparation of training/workshops. If I were you I would look at a number of factors before you even look at the post implementation of training.

    Have you (or the company you are using) created a set of outlined that identify realistic learning objectives over the training sessions? You need to relate this information in to a TNA. This should enable you to effectively map out what people need and ensure that 1) they aren't bored, and 2) you group the staff into similar levels of ability or curriculum needs.

    As for the review: As you are running two sessions you could ask each delegate to produce some materials for the running of the second session. I would then also set review dates where you could evaluate progress as well as resolve any further issues. Another area that we have always found to work well with staff is to identify a set of "champions". Ultimately the learning of a product is a waste of time without a high level of buy in. Using peers to enthuse staff will only help the implementation element.

    A face to face meeting with you signing off areas of achievement would be useful but you may find this very time consuming.

    Not sure if this helps.


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