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Courses and Training Thread, Free Linux Course for Beginners in Training and Courses; http://www.linuxbasics.org/course/start LinuxBasic.org offers our second free Linux class, An Introduction to Linux Basics. Linux can certainly be used as a ...
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    Free Linux Course for Beginners


    LinuxBasic.org offers our second free Linux class, An Introduction to Linux Basics.

    Linux can certainly be used as a Desktop without much understanding of how it works. This course is designed to give a foundation of understanding of Linux to a beginner who wants to know a little more about the system. More advanced Linux users will find an opportunity to dig deeper into some areas they always wanted to know more about or discover gaps in their knowledge that they didn’t know existed.

    We will use LBook, our own edited version of “Introduction to Linux: A Hands on Guide” by Machtelt Garrels, as a study guide. We are excited about using this guide which is under the GNU Free Documentation License–meaning we can revise it. As we study this guide, we will update it together. We also intend to make an Answer Key for the exercises in the guide.

    Our heartfelt thanks go to Machtelt Garrels for creating the original guide and also to you who will join us in studying and revising it for the LinuxBasics.org community.

    When, Where, How, and How Long

    The class is set to begin on October 19, 2006. There 11 chapters and an Intro in the guide. We will spend more than a week on most chapters and anticipate the class running for about 6 months. A Schedule will be posted.

    Class members will read the section for the week and do the exercises at the end of the chapters. Relevant questions and comments may then be discussed on the mailing list; so you will need to join that in order to participate. See Mailing List page for information.

    We encourage you to introduce yourself on the list at the beginning of the class. If you don’t begin until after October 19, join the list, introduce yourself and start with the first week’s section. There is no rush to catch up to where others may be. You are free to discuss wherever you are in the guide or other Linux-related matters on the list.

    How much does it cost? Basic requirements

    This course is free (as in free beer). However, a goodwill contribution in the form of active participation, revisions, suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.

    Basic requirements are a desire to learn, to do reasonable footwork (reading the material, googling the topics at times, gathering information on your own system), to respect fellow learners, and to follow netetiquette. This course being more specifically targeted to beginners, there aren’t really that many requirements. However, keep in mind that questions will range from very basic to more advanced. Beginners will have to be bold and ask the questions they have at their level (there are no stupid questions) and not be intimidated by more advanced questions from more advanced users who are learning too. More advanced users will have to “remember when”, as they once were introduced themselves to Linux, and hopefully contribute answers to basic questions as well as more advanced ones.

    «You do not need to be a computer-wiz or a unix-guru to answer questions on the list. Sometimes it is enough to be just 5 minutes ahead of others to help them out.» (Quote from LBo - http://www.linuxbasics.org/mailinglist/start)

    Revising the Guide

    LBook along with all of LinuxBasics.org is on a wiki. If you wish to revise something, you may first need to check out You Can Help in the Help Section. You may also contribute by giving your suggestions and ideas to us on the mailing list or send them to TheCrew@LinuxBasics.org.

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    Re: Free Linux Course for Beginners

    :O interesting.. thanks CyberNerd.

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    Re: Free Linux Course for Beginners

    Been palying around with linux for a while but it won't hurt to go over the basics again.

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    Re: Free Linux Course for Beginners

    Thanks very much for that info CyberNerd:

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    Re: Free Linux Course for Beginners

    Have many of Edugeekers doing this?

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    Re: Free Linux Course for Beginners

    I'm following it.


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    Re: Free Linux Course for Beginners

    dam forgot about this will have to start the course late as need to get my skills up a notch...


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