I want to give my staff a training resource. To clarify, I personally see no benefit in sending them off on a weeks course etc. But just want them to be able munch their way through some online training videos. I am not interested in examinations or tests, but I do want to be able to say, ok, nip on to the training website and spend a couple of hours brushing up on configuring Windows 2008 R2. My googling has led me to a couple of services :-

e-Learning | Online Computer Training | Online Training Videos | CBT Courses | Computer Based Training Courses
Computer Based Training Videos, Windows 2008, Citrix, Security, CRM

I like the idea of paying a yearly subscription based service, with constantly updated content. Doesn't HAVE to be online streaming, would consider purchasing stuff that comes on DVD or you download etc.

Topics :- Server OS, VMWare, SQL Server, Exchange, Windows 7, Wireless. Most back office stuff..

Also a minor point, it would great if it was British rather than American. No offence to any Americans out there, but my staff have suggested they would prefer "S" "Q" "L" Server, rather than "Seeequell"..If you get what I mean. My guess is they will have to compromise on this though.

Any ideas, help, advice greatly appreciated!