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Courses and Training Thread, Student Loans? in Training and Courses; Hi, I cant sleep tonight although i am nackard! I though i would do some things on my ever growing ...
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    Student Loans?


    I cant sleep tonight although i am nackard!

    I though i would do some things on my ever growing list. I am probably going to be studying next year at uni if things go to plan. I am currently looking for a student loan, i am on direct.gov.uk but i cannot find an answers to my questions. I know there are plenty of students and ex students on here. I was wondering if someone can advise.

    1. Where do you actually get a student loan from?
    2. Can i take the loan and study abroad?

    Any other advise would be appreciated.



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    Student Loans Company
    Student Finance

    No idea on the overseas study part, but I imagine if you gave them a call they'd be able to give an answer

    Quote Originally Posted by http://www.fundingeducation.co.uk/studying-abroad.html
    There is financial help available to help students spending a year or less studying abroad, as part of their course, to pay for any studying and living costs.

    The main forms of financial help available to students studying abroad are:

    * The ERASMUS mobility grant
    * Local Authority support
    * Access to Learning Fund
    * Bursaries

    Students who are studying abroad as part of the ERASMUS programme will be eligible to receive the ERASMUS mobility grant. Students will receive around £324 per month.

    Students who are studying abroad may still be eligible for a means-tested student loan for living costs at the overseas rate. Eligible students who will only study abroad for part of the year will receive the overseas rate on a pro-rata basis. The current maximum overseas loan rate is £5,225 per year (£4,570 for final year students).

    The Access to Learning Fund provides help to students who are having financial difficulties. Universities provide this assistance by examining each individual’s case. However, students who are studying abroad are still eligible to receive this help.

    Finally, increasingly universities are providing bursaries to students who are studying abroad. Enquire about these bursaries on an individual university basis.
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    The loan is provided by the student loans company which is run by the government. You apply either through your LEA or through Student Finance England (who also run the online application system). Elegibility for a loan while studying overseas depends on your circumstances, and heavily depends on what your LEA supports. Different LEAs have slightly different rules/interpretations of the rules when it comes to support while overseas.

    For more info on the overseas student loans it's best to contact your LEAs student loan department and ask . I know when I was helping my sister sort out her student loan while she was to be studying in Australia for 6 months that it was a real pain to get them to release it early (the Australian term started July or something like that), or to even give it to her in the first place!

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    bah, you just reminded me i still owe them..

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    I think for new people signing up it's all run by Student Finance England - which I think is better as otherwise the LEA and Student Finance England will blame each other for problems without fully investigating.
    I'm stuck with it being half LEA and half Student Finance England though (So far the LEA have lost one signed form I returned and last year didn't pay me anything until about 2 weeks into the term, after I got my MP involved.)

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