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Courses and Training Thread, Internet and Intranets in Training and Courses; hiya...im doing a course at a college and i have a few units to do but im stuck...here is the ...
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    Internet and Intranets

    hiya...im doing a course at a college and i have a few units to do but im stuck...here is the sheet that i have been given...
    Level 2 - Internet and Intranets 2 - Unit 222

    Skills and Techniques

    For this unit you must demonstrate the following skills and techniques. This will involve you carrying out atleast two comprehensive tasks to demonstrate your competance in:

    1) Searching
    Searching for information on the internet or an intranet (Computer related).
    a) Choosing a search engine that is appropriate for the information that is needed.
    b) Carrying out searches efficiently, such as using meta search engines, wild cards, AND or NOT (Boolean notation)

    2) Finding and Evaluating
    Ways of finding and evaluating information.
    a) Choosing and using appropriate methods of searching for relavant information.
    b) Reviewing sources and information to help choose what is most relevant, and to decide when enough has been found.

    3) Exchanging Information
    Ways of exchanging information over the internet or an intranet.
    a) Choosing and using appropriate methods exchanging information, such as FTP or HTTP.
    b) Using interactive sites.

    4) Customising Browser Software
    Customising browser software to make it easier to use.
    a) Customising browser settings to improve the performance of software.

    Knowledge and Understanding

    For this unit you must demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding:

    1) Connection Methods
    Different types of connection, hardware and software needed for internet and intranet access.
    a) What own connection will and will not do.

    2) Browser facilities
    What facilities are available in browser software and how to make the most of them.
    a) What methods can be used to exchange files and how to use them, such as file transfer protocol (FTP) and hypertext transmission protocol (HTTP).
    b) How to download software patches.
    c) That browsers have different settings that can be changed.
    d) That some browsers and servers will allow e-mail to be sent and recieved.
    e) How and when to delete temporary files.
    f) How changing settings effects performance, such as viewing, history and cookies.

    3) Information and other Opportunities
    What is available on internet, intranets and the world-wide web.
    a) What meta search engines are and how to use them.
    b) Opportunities to post or publish material to websites.
    c) Opportunities to create websites.

    4) Internet security risks
    What security risks there may be in using the internet and how they can be avoided, such as from viruses or from unauthorised remote access (eg hackers).
    a) Legal, ethical and economic risks.
    b) What ways there are of protecting against risks, such as browser security settings, firewalls and user access controls.

    5) Laws and Guidelines
    What laws and guidelines affect people's use of IT.
    a) What and how different IT activities are affected by laws and guidelines, such as storing names and address, downloading images from the internet or sending inappropriate e-mails.
    Any help will be EXTREMELY appreciated!

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    Re: Internet and Intranets

    Ok so what bits are you stuck on?

    I'm sorry but unless you can demonstrate that you've done some work saying you need help with all of this assignment is not going to gain you favour.

    Nice first post as well.


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    Re: Internet and Intranets

    Echo ben comments give us an idea on what your stuck on if it is just dont know where to start what I suggest doing is breaking it down (see bbc bitszie got it right) as going to be easier in smaller bits.

    Is there anyway you have to present the stuff at end or as i expect this is a see what you can do excerise where teacher sets a varied first task to see what you are capable of.

    if no fixed format once broke tasks down work out how you are going to present it.


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    Re: Internet and Intranets

    Hi Rick

    A meaty piece of information for people to get stuck into ...

    It is similar to some stuff I covered on an OU course I did ... and I'll share with you the same info that our tutor shared with us.

    "All the stuff you are being asked to do is readily available in your course notes ... you just need to know where to look. If it is not available then there is a wonderful thing out there called the internet ... that is most of what this course is about. There are lots of people out there with the information.

    Please remember 3 things.

    If you are asking a community for help you must remember to follow their rules ... it is a nettiquette thing.

    If you actually ask them a question then don't ask them everything in one go ... they will tell you to go away and do your own homework

    If they do actually tell you anything, you can never be one hundred percent sure that what they tell you is right without further research.

    In short ... never believe what you read on the internet unless it is backed up with documented evidence."
    He said this to a group of us without realising that of the 13 there were 5 techies, 4 programmers, 2 teachers and 2 retired sysadmins. 7 were moderators on mailing lists or forums, 3 were ChanOps and 1 was an MVP ... and none of use laughed.

    Then again, this was meant to be an online only course and he could never see the point in us wanting to meet up for a beer and a chat in real life ...

    Back to the original question.

    It might help if you let us know what course you are on, where you are studying it, what your normal day job is and where you have looked for information alrady.

    We can then narrow down places you can look for info and help you cross out unsuitable information.

    To start with I will point you in some places to look.

    Becta's webiste holds a lot of information about infrastructure in schools. There are also 2 documents that have been discussed on this site that may give you an idea about where things are going in schools ... they can be found in this thread

    I hope this hasn't come across as "bugger off and do the work yourself" but you can understand why people have said ... erm ... bugger off and do the work yourself :-)

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    Re: Internet and Intranets

    College - ITEC North East Training Centre (In Middlesbrough, UK)
    Course - ITEC North East IT Technician Training Course

    I'm getting through it slowly but surely now...my instructor gave me a what-to-do list basically and here is what it says.

    Provide evidence of searching the internet using Boolean Operators on IT related subjects only.

    Write a statement on what is Boolean Meta

    Provide evidence of using a forum or any interactive site relating to IT only.

    Use screen dumps, statements etc...

    Provide evidence in own writing. Do knowledge and understanding for unit 222.
    I have done the evidence of searching...i have done the staement but not much as i cnt find enough info...I will do the forum part with your forums so no help needed on that...(i dont think :|)...and the knowledge and understanding bit just looses me completely ...

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    Re: Internet and Intranets

    Hi, this is an iTQ (the new NVQ for IT Users, see this page, based on the National Occupational Standards which are outlined in detail here.) unit. I don't know which awarding body you are subject to, but City and Guilds has a 'candidate logbook' that contains useful advice about how to gather the evidence you need to provide in quite readable English. It can be found here.
    Best wishes.

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    Re: Internet and Intranets

    thanks mitcheln ya basicly hit the nail on the head...it is to build my NVQ...and the awarding body is city and guilds...cheers for the links m8...lets just hope i can get it done and out the way lol...

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