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Courses and Training Thread, What course to take in Training and Courses; My head has just said that she will give me some money to get a qualification in ICT (currently employed ...
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    What course to take

    My head has just said that she will give me some money to get a qualification in ICT (currently employed as the techie with nothing to show that I am any good with computers!) what should I be looking at? Obviously not too expensive, but the head said she is fine if it is a day release (I would prefer home/distance learning!)

    Looking at practically anything to show I can fix computers/administer servers. (been looking at MCDST and MCSA). Do you have to have the MCDST to go on a MCSA course?

    Found this home learning course, but not sure if it gives you a MCDST and an MCSA or you just do the things for the MCDST, but never get the qualification!

    MCSA network certification | Distance Learning course | Home Study

    Can anyone give me some advice?

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    MCDST and MCSA are very different qualifications. You don't need to do a MCDST to get an MCSA, and vice versa, but the MCSA is aimed more at administration while the MCDST is aimed more at supporting users and systems.

    You can self-study for any of the Microsoft qualifications by picking up the books. The exams cost about £80-100 each, and some courses do include them, others don't. You'd have to speak to the relevant trainer to check.

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    I would say, if the Head is giving you money for training, look into the NVQ 3 in Systems Support with the MCDST/MCSA integrated.

    That way you get a vocational level 3 qualification (with that & post 5 years experience you can go for the ICTTech mark offered by the IET and soon the BCS, plus the LCGI diploma which is a level 4 qualification) and you'll have Professional Microsoft certs. Best of both worlds


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