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Courses and Training Thread, Can somebody please explain A+ courses? in Training and Courses; tmcd35 has got a good point. I learnt more as an entry level Technician then i did doing the A+. ...
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    tmcd35 has got a good point. I learnt more as an entry level Technician then i did doing the A+. I only did it for the paper work.

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    I'm based Norfolk at the moment. At my current school two of my junior techs were ex-pupils and only 1 (not ex-pupil) has a degree. All 3 were in the 18-22 age range!

    Another good place to gain experience, atleast for a short 18mth spell is a pc-world tech center.

    Before deciding which courses to do, wether or not to do a degree, what job to start your career in, you need to decide what you'd like to do 10 years from now.

    Jobs in pure hardware repair never pay well. Networking pays ok and is more fun IMHO (my choosen field), management pays better.

    The ics is a home study course. Google them for more info.

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    What would management mean doing?

    I really am not interested in networking... but from all the replies I think I might have to just give it a go to open up my options.

    I have to submit for university, if I feel like going, by December and I still can't find that many interesting classes to choose from for computing.

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