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Comments and Suggestions Thread, Post Bad Word Filter in EduGeek Stuff; Why is it that sometimes when someone posts the word 'want' in a post, it appears as (edited)t? I am ...
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    Post Bad Word Filter

    Why is it that sometimes when someone posts the word 'want' in a post, it appears as (edited)t?

    I am sure we are all aware of a 'bad word' which starts w-a-n-, but it seems a bit mad to filter that letter combination and not just the bad word itself.

    After all, it's fairly likely that the term WAN is going to come up on a computing related forum from time to time...

    I don't mean to gripe, but I do find it rather annoying...


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    Re: Post Bad Word Filter

    Yes, I notice it often mangles my news submissions and the comments on the stories. I think blog comments are also affected. Although mysteriously the forums don't seem to be affected.

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    Re: Post Bad Word Filter

    Why not just use the the phrase "would like" it's so much more refined than "want" this reminds me of teachers want want wanting all the time demanding not requesting as in "I want this on the network and i want it now" instead of "I would like this piece of software putting on the network if possible please" see the difference its really about manners.

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