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Comments and Suggestions Thread, Screen real estate in EduGeek Stuff; A small suggestion: When opening many topics, for example the Windows one , my browser window (19" monitor @ 1280, ...
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    Screen real estate

    A small suggestion:

    When opening many topics, for example the Windows one, my browser window (19" monitor @ 1280, window not maxed but taking up a fair amount of the screen) is filled with too much dead space at the top of the window. All i can see is the advert and the stickies!

    Allow me to illustrate if i may:
    The following screenshot is my browser window. I feel a lot of the space above, and perhaps below, the advert could be removed (as we have other indications of where we are). I think we could easily trim a good inch off that. My scrolling finger can't take it any more!
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