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Coding Thread, Determine Users within X Radius by Postcode in Coding and Web Development; I have two database tables: The first which is a table of postcodes (around 1.7 million records) and has a ...
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    Determine Users within X Radius by Postcode

    I have two database tables:

    The first which is a table of postcodes (around 1.7 million records) and has a postcode, longitude and latitude field.
    The second which is a table of user data, which includes a postcode field - their postcode on registration.

    I need to be able to determine which users fall within X radius of Y (another users postcode) without ideally running a query to compare distances with all 1.7 million postcodes to shortlist possibles.

    I was thinking maybe it'd be possible to take Y users postcode and to use their longitude and latitude, doing some math (not my strong point) to determine all possible postcodes - by adjusting the longitude and latitude degrees relative to the distance being searched.

    Where to start?

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    This might be helpful:
    Avoiding a full table scan - comp.databases.mysql | Google Groups

    I came across it by chance awhile back and bookmarked it for future reference. Interesting stuff!

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