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    Little bit of fun....website block page

    Just having a little fun (one of those things which brightens the day) and I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of the right html code?
    What we have is our TMG 2010 block page comes up when students try and access a site they shouldn’t – as the page can be customised we have our logo plus some details on the page.
    What I wanted to do is embed an Easter egg in the page (for fun) –something to the effect of the student has to press a key combination and a picture of Gandalf will appear (maybe in place of our logo) with the text ‘you shall not pass’ below.

    As you can tell it’s one of those days where there is very little to do!

    I’ve figured out I need to use the on action command but don’t know how I would go about actually using it let along changing the picture?
    So could any educoders out there help?

    Please see below our current block page.


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    I always find W3Schools Online Web Tutorials is a brilliant resource for finding out about web coding kinds of things .. CSS3 mixed with HTML5 might be a good start on some fun things to do .. as for an actual Easter Egg, if you know any flash, you could probably do something in that and even add sound too (which might annoy a few, but could be highly amusing all the same), then for any devices that don't like flash, just have the flash check in place but instead of saying you need to install flash, have the logo in place.

    Good luck, sounds like fun!

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    I had some of those days earlier in the year... I miss them now

    As far as website easter eggs go, you can't beat Konami Code Sites

    (not that any kids these days will remember the Konami code, of course)

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    You could combine a little bit of CSS hiding of an image that changes the CSS to move it across the screen when someone hovers over it.

    Have an example setup at http://davegill.is-a-geek.net/megamenu/mega.html. If you leave off the mega.html you will be able to access the files.
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