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Coding Thread, FileSystemObject Folder why permission denied in Coding and Web Development; Having failed to make it work in WSH I turned my attention to .Net scripting First, PowerShell Code: PS_Prompt> $fso= ...
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    Re: FileSystemObject Folder why permission denied

    Having failed to make it work in WSH I turned my attention to .Net scripting

    First, PowerShell
    PS_Prompt> $fso= New-Object -ComObject Scripting.FilesSystemObject
    PS_Prompt> CD E:\HomeFolders\Year7
    PS_Prompt> $hmrt = $fso.GetFolder($pwd) ; $hmrt.subfolders| where-object -filterscript {$_.size -gt 40000000} |  % {write-host $_.Name,($_.size/1024/1024) -Separator ","}
    OK technically this is not a script but what I actually typed at the command line to get a list of all folders consuming more than 40MB. Because I used the $pwd variable I can just CD into the desired root folder and up arrow and re-use the same 'code'. PERL coders may recognise the use of $_ to represent the current record. The % is an alias for the ForEach-Object enumerator.

    I also tried using the .NET version of JScript
    This is more compiled rather interpreted 'scripting'

    var fso = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");
    var f = fso.GetFolder(".\\");
    var fc = new Enumerator(f.SubFolders) ;
    for (;!fc.atEnd(); fc.moveNext())
       	print(fc.item().path + " " + (fc.item().size/1024/1024));
    This compiles to an EXE using jsc and will tell you the number of megabytes consumed by the subfolders in the current directory.

    Notice print() ather than wscript.echo(). This is .net not WSH so you loose alot of the properties and methods of the wscript object, which is quite annoying.

    Anyway, it is clear that there wasn't a permissions issue as the relevant FSO methods work under .NET but not WSH

    Go figure </American

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    Check FSO current dir

    I had the same issue and I discovered that the problem was my fso.CurrentDirectory was set to the directory I was trying to delete. Hope that helps!

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