Hi folks,

I'm taking a peak into Android, and have two views. I have main.xml and newsselection.xml

When the user clicks a button from the main view, I want it to load the newsselection view which will show a stream of news items. Also, when the user presses the back button (the hard one on the device), I want it to go back to the screen before.

Something like this kind of structure:

|________ newsselection.xml ____________ singleitemnewsview.xml
|________ anotherxml.xml

So if the user was as far down as singleitemnewsview.xml and pressed the hard back button it would go up a level to newsselection.xml, and once more would take them up to main.xml

Would this be done using a viewswitcher method? Or would it be achieved by starting a new activity for each new view?

I'm struggling to find docs on this one, so hope someone can help.