i am keen on using the edugeek software AUP Informant, written by bizzel.

I have a terminal services environment which i would like to use it on. However it wont run on a ts environment at the moment. I have asked bizzel (Paul Beesley) if he could look at rectifying this but support has finished for the project.

He did say it was ok if i asked if anyone on edugeek could do this for me, the source code is available.

What it does on a ts:

When user 1 logs on to ts 1 they get presented with an AUP window and the relevant aup. Whilst this user has the aup displayed if user 2 were to log on to ts 1 then they would not get the AUP window or aup. This is the same for all other users. Once user one has either accepted or declined the policy the next user to log on to ts 1 will get the policy displayed.

I know no c# at all so have no idea of the tweak needed!

Source code below

plaese help