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Coding Thread, Android Dialog Boxes! in Coding and Web Development; there I am - happily programming up my speed limit app when I decide it would be a nice idea ...
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    Android Dialog Boxes!

    there I am - happily programming up my speed limit app when I decide it would be a nice idea to let the user set a particular value as a menu option.

    Adding menu option - dead easy.

    popping up an input box - unbelievably complicated !!

    The dialog boxs require every single thing that I hate about classes and OOP
    The class doesn't even return the value entered without invoking (or whatever gobblygook its called) a "Listener" thingy.

    And after 1 evening of programming - I can't even set the default value!!!




    100 Input "Please enter your value",speedlimit$

    stick that in your OOP tube!
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