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Coding Thread, winsock / sockets in vb .net 2008 express in Coding and Web Development; Just as a simple app I wanted something where by I could install either a service or app that runs ...
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    winsock / sockets in vb .net 2008 express

    Just as a simple app I wanted something where by I could install either a service or app that runs in the system tray that could use tcp or udp sockets to communicate with a server application that had a GUI where it would display to start with just some info about the connected client computers ie

    ip address, subnet mask, hostname , logged in username and maybe other info later on.

    I did find this but it is more aimed at a chat app

    Creating a Multi-User TCP Chat Application

    Getting a bit confused now as I tried that along with a code project example etc and am not sure what bits of code I require and dont require as I dont want to replicate the info from one client to other clients I am only wanting the server application to be able to view this info in a list view or something of the likes


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    Everything you need is in that article, although it's aimed at creating a chat app, all a chat app really is is two way text communication, all you need to do is make it one way. Your client app will contain all the code in the 'Sending Data' section, and your host app on the server will contain the code in the 'Receiving Data' section. The client will only be able to receive data if you tell it to and if another client is trying to send data to the IP address of the machine the client is running on, it won't automatically grab anything being transmitted.
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    I would move away from TCP for something like this and use UDP instead (less overhead), you could then also look at using broadcasting rather than requiring the IP address to be hardcoded or configued in the transmitting side of the application. The use of broadcast messages would depend on your network infrastructure though,

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