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Coding Thread, Programming Projects in Coding and Web Development; Hey all, I'm undertaking learning C# (and ASP.Net - but want to learn C# first) through various online tutorials and ...
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    Cool Programming Projects

    Hey all,

    I'm undertaking learning C# (and ASP.Net - but want to learn C# first) through various online tutorials and websites.

    Why? Because I want to. I have some background in C and VB (neither are .Net) and VBScript/KiXstart/AutoIT scripting languages.

    I'd rather learn C# as I feel more comfortable with that than VB.Net as I could never really get on with VB (I started learning VB, found it too restrictive and then jumped to C).

    Now - understand I'm learning in my free-time, but one thing I have found is learning by doing tends to help me understand better.

    All that said - do any of you have any ideas for very basic C# projects or programs I could write for you - something you perhaps want to do but aren't sure how...

    The reason I ask is because if I'm given little projects, I learn by undertaking the project and learn far faster than by going through a book doing the odd exercise there.

    Of course I'd never ask anyone to trust what I'm doing - so if you have anything I'd be only too happy to provide the full source code along with the compiled project. (Will be using Visual Studio 2008)

    Any thoughts or ideas here are welcome - trying to enhance my learning practices and also get back into programming because in a sick way - I kind of enjoyed it


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    I've been playing around with C# over the past few days and really love the lang actually! It's a little off topic but just wanted to know how your finding it?

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