Ok I am in no way even an armature in SQL..... but this is what I want to do... we are trying to log usage of staff laptops, so I adapted a script my old colleague wrote for logging users who login anywhere in the school… (this should in theory catch them too but the staff laptops aren’t named in an easy selectable manner to run a query against the existing table so I just want to put them into another table too..

So I successfully changed the script and it works… however I had a problem with the Date (so does the original but as its for tracking students in IT rooms its ok), I guess some of the laptops must have American regional settings as it doesn’t insert a row when I include the date field (with a couple of exceptions)… so I was wondering rather than the script inserting the date can I get the server to automatically append the date to the row when it detects an insert? (I could also get rid of my Time Colum if I get the date field to work correctly…)

Original snippet (only caught some users because of the date field)

s = Wshnetwork.computername
nm = wshnetwork.username

theTime = FormatDateTime (now(),4)
theDate = Date()

	s_sql = "INSERT INTO Teach_Sign (SignUser, SignComputer, SignTime,  SignDate) VALUES ('" & nm & "','" & s & "','" & theTime & "','" & theDate & "')"
	m_rs.open s_SQL, m_cn, adOpenStatic

My Script Snipit that works… but cause I removed the date field they all appear as 01/01/1900 00:00

s_sql = "INSERT INTO Teach_Sign (SignUser, SignComputer, SignTime) VALUES ('" & nm & "','" & s & "','" & theTime &  "')"
Like I said I would prefer the server side to append the date field but if you know how to make the VBS force the date to UK easily too that would do!!

Thanks Gordy.