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Coding Thread, Permission on a folder in Coding and Web Development; How do I go about giving the group 'Users' full or modify control on a folder called Crick Software in ...
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    Permission on a folder

    How do I go about giving the group 'Users' full or modify control on a folder called Crick Software in Program Files across many stations? Anyone know vbs?

    The location is C:\Program Files\Crick Software

    Thanks in advance.

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    its easier i think to just edit your workstation policy to allow it
    (computer configuration\windows settings\security settings\file system then just right click add file select the folder and set permissions accordingly (its easier if you do this on a pc with the software installed then you can just point it at the right folder rather than typing it and the inevitible typo))

    other than that batch file

    CACLS "C:\Program Files\Crick Software" /T /E /G "users":C

    as a startup script

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