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Coding Thread, Prototype Questionnaire in Coding and Web Development; When designing a software solution my pupils have been asked to prepare a prototype and get feedback from the client. ...
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    Prototype Questionnaire

    When designing a software solution my pupils have been asked to prepare a prototype and get feedback from the client.

    I wonder if anyone has any ideas as to what sort of questions they should be asking - thus creating a prototype questionnaire.

    "Well? What do you think about it so far?" - not the best question in the world LOLOLOL.

    I have written some stuff down but am not sure what sort of things to ask.

    Any suggestions are appreciated,


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    Some of these may not be applicable...

    Rate the software for ease of use.

    Does the software fully meet the needs of your business/your needs?
    - If no, why?

    Were all features requested included in the software design?
    - If no, please explain

    Is there any redundant functionality?
    - If yes, what and why?

    Are there any features that are particularly useful/well-designed?
    - If yes, what and why?

    Is the software intuitive to use?
    Were the instructions provided easy to follow, or was additonal support needed?

    Rate the speed of the software

    Have you experienced any problems with the most recent version of the software?
    - If so, what went wrong?
    - Was it clear what you needed to do in the event of an error occurring?

    Would you recommend this software to other businesses/users? (yes/No)
    - Why?

    What features would you like to see in future versions?

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