I am making a program that uses the WebBrowser control to display a picture as a form of "online advertism" that can be easly updated effectivly using a website, such as Xfire ... how ever ... when I add this control and use it, the page never loads ... it will always say "Navigation to the webpage was canceled" or "This program cannot display the webpage" when refreshed.

At first I thought it may be a problem with my PC, so I then copied the files over to my laptop and had the same problem ... a while back a jumper switch kept turning off on our main board ... at the end of it all I reset my hub because when the power came back on it wasnt connecting to the internet, I doubt that would have anything to do with this as the WebBrowser control uses IE? ... and my IE works fine ... before I finally decide to give up and blame my hub for the problem, is there anything I could try to do in VB2008 itself?