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Coding Thread, Account Impersonation in ASP in Coding and Web Development; I've realised I left one of the computers on at my university residence, and am on my way home for ...
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    Account Impersonation in ASP

    I've realised I left one of the computers on at my university residence, and am on my way home for Easter.
    I've figured I can upload an ASP page in order to run shutdown.exe, but in order to do that I need administrative privileges.

    Does anyone know a simple way to impersonate an account in ASP, I'm sure I recall seeing a WSH or similar object to facilitate it, but can't remember where I saw it, and can't find anything on the net.

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    This is code that performs a shutdown via WMI:

    and this page is about impersonation:
    Microsoft Corporation

    but it looks like it only offers impersonation of the already existing process not providing new user credentials to run with.

    You may be able to use a shell.run though depending on the computers config:
    Dim wshell, intReturn
    set wshell = server.createobject("wscript.shell")
    intReturn = wshell.run("shutdown -s", 0, True)
    Response.Write( intReturn )
    set wshell = nothing
    or even a command prompt that uses the runas command then uses sendkeys to type in the required password.

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