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Coding Thread, One time runas gui in Coding and Web Development; I was thinking of something along the lines of the following to allow unpriveledged teacher users install software on their ...
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    One time runas gui

    I was thinking of something along the lines of the following to allow unpriveledged teacher users install software on their laptop.

    A gui that allows them to browse to and select the install exe to run. A one time key is generate which they tell you this you punch into an app that generates a one time password for the session.

    You tell them the password they type it in and the application then runs using runas to run it as the local admin user.



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    Re: One time runas gui

    Is this to allow them to install school approved applications (i.e. approved by you or your LM, SMT etc)

    If so then why not just use GPO or a time limited admin account.

    How would you cater for the situation where they want to install software for peripherals (printers, scanners, ADLS modem etc) they have at home?

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    Re: One time runas gui

    Certainly feasable. Shouldn't take to long to knock one up. I would do it in a different way though by creating a licence file on a server. I might even give it a go.

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    Re: One time runas gui

    Have a look at wpi on www.msfn.org . That would deal with the GUI and installing the software. You would just have to cobble together the rest.

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    Re: One time runas gui

    Laptops for teachers scheme: stipulate that the teacher and only the teacher is responsible for their laptops. So i set them up as power users which allows them to install anything they want but they have to sign an agreement that they are soley responsible and that the LEA can check them out at any time.
    So they are very reluctant to install anything as they really don't know what they are on with. This has worked for the past 5 years so am not gonna change it. End of story.

    P.S any software they need for teaching i assume responsibility and install it for them so there are no cock ups, plus it helps me keep an eye on the licensing.

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