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Coding Thread, VB.Net Help in Coding and Web Development; Hi, I need help with VB.Net. In fact i need help with programming full stop. I cant get my head ...
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    VB.Net Help


    I need help with VB.Net. In fact i need help with programming full stop. I cant get my head around how i would start with a project.

    Can anyone offer help? i am willing to pay for your time if need be



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    Re: VB.Net Help

    To do a project - Design an application based on three tier architecture including Data Layer, Business Layer and Presentation Layer using Class Libraries, with Microsoft's VB 2005 you need to:

    - Write Stored Procedures for implementing business logics, inlcuding inserting, updating, retrieving and deleting data from SQL Server 2005 database.
    - Add, edit and delete data in Datagridview control placed on a Visual Basic form.
    -Call Stored Procedures in C# 2005 and VB 2005 applications.
    - implement Overloading and Overriding in a database application.
    - architecture of ADO .Net (Disconnected architecture) and build superior database applications using Visual Basic 2005, C# 2005 and SQL Server 2005.
    - use .Net DataProvider components including Connection, Command, DataReader and DataAdapter
    - Use both OLEDB and SQLServer DataProviders right in your application.
    - access a database using DataReader. Learn -
    - Establishing a connection with Connection object
    - Executing commands with Command objects
    - use DataReader to read data from the database
    - access a database using DataSet. Learn -
    - establishing connection with Connection object
    - Instantiating Command object
    - Instantiating DataAdapters
    - Setting DataAdapter Command properties, Select Command, Insert Command, Delete Command and Update Command
    - populating the DataSet using the DataAdapter in Visual Basic
    - Typed vs UnTyped DataSets
    - Creating the DataSet object
    - Populating the DataSet using the DataAdapter
    Navigating through Dataset
    Updating DataSet using DataTable and DataRow objects
    Updating the Database using DataSet and DataAdapter
    Detecting and handling changes to data in a DataSet
    Accepting or Rejecting changes to data in a DataSet
    Clearing records in a DataSet
    Copying structure of a DataSet to a new datatable
    Filtering the DataSet and Populate the Listbox
    Moving to a particular row in the DataSet using the Binding Context object
    Program a transaction with ADO .Net using Transaction object
    Implement Visual Inheritence in Windows forms in Visual Basic Database Application
    Create a Class Library for Data Layer and Business Layer in Visual Basic

    try the book :

    database programming using vb 2005, c# 2005, and sql server 2005.

    from vkinfotek.com

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    Re: VB.Net Help


    What's the problem in your school that needs coding to solve?

    There maybe something already available to achieve the same ends



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