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Coding Thread, Profile Deleting / Automating School Stuff! in Coding and Web Development; I'm very new to any sort of coding so please be patient and ask any questions! I want to make ...
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    Profile Deleting / Automating School Stuff!

    I'm very new to any sort of coding so please be patient and ask any questions!
    I want to make certain tasks a little easier at school and I think trying to code scripts or little programs could help me and I'm looking for the best language to learn / process to go about doing the following task.
    In my old school, we had some lovely software where you could do everything really easily so I know it can be done.

    Ideally it would have a GUI to make the process easier!

    Profile resets:

    1. Find where user's profile is kept by searching the AD for their logon name.
    2. Display details from A.D.
    3. Once found, give ownership to administrator/s.
    4. Delete OR re-name profile. (to be flushed out at a later date).

    Hope someone can give me some guidance on where to start.

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    If you want a nice GUI and you are working with AD then I'd suggest Visual Studio and C#.

    Some examples that might help

    Everything in Active Directory via C#.NET 3.5 (Using System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement) - CodeProject
    Querying and Updating Active Directory Using C# (C Sharp)

    Bear in mind that these things can quickly grow in scale, and what seems like a simple task can evolve into a larger project very easily!

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    I have over the past year been working on a automated user management system in powershell/mysql/php that will run through pull everyone out of sims cross reference my aum database and then create accounts were required, profiles, documents, email, move users up a year in ad (ou) and file server folders and mail lists etc... this is then accessible through a web interface for my department to pull up login details. I also have a letter made so that we can just give it to new users with their login details and where everything is so we don't have to talk too much *timesaver*.

    No matter what you try to do with your script/program there is always more to improve and never enough time. It is nice when things work and it saves not only you but your colleagues time. If you want to do a gui interface then what I have done is probably not for you but if you want a backend task that works wonders I would go powershell all the way, quest ad powershell commandlets allow you to do more easily too. Many people have posted there scripts and such around the web (powergui) for example to get you started you can get a posted script and work it through to see how it works (commands and such).

    Before I start doing anything big I always draw it out on paper so I can plan each stage (you can't create a users home folder and give them ownership if the user doesn't exist yet, and you cant give a user a home folder if the homefolder doesn't exist as we use username$ for our homedrives).

    Hopefully some of the above will help, if you get stuck there is always someone that can help.

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    +1 for Visual Studio if you want a nice GUI but if your going basic then Powershell will probably be best. I find coding into the middle of the night can be quite addictive so be careful ��

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