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Coding Thread, File Uploads in Coding and Web Development; I presume this to be possible but don't know how: I'm wanting to be able to upload files to the ...
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    File Uploads

    I presume this to be possible but don't know how:

    I'm wanting to be able to upload files to the webserver using a form that doesn't involve refreshing the page.

    I'm guessing that I'd need to grab the file location using javascript and then send it to PHP to do the processing?

    Any tips or code would be great and links to a tutorial (I want to know how to do it not how to copy some elses code)


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    Re: File Uploads

    AJAX is your friend here (with is basicly just asyncronous javascript),

    This http://uber-uploader.sourceforge.net/ is awesome for *nix. I assume you might have issues on windows due to the perl component.

    Quick google found this: http://www.sibsoft.net/xupload.html (I havn't used this, so it could be rubbish!)


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