Hi folks,

As is no doubt the case with other schools, our ICT teaching department are looking at what development tools to use for the new "Computing" subject.

We already use a number of development tools, despite what Gove thinks, such as Game Maker, Visual C++, Scratch, YouSrc and Visual Basic. These have all more or less played nicely with our RM Ranger restricted system with the exception of YouSrc, where we've had various unsolved issues with Java.

ICT are now looking at other tools such as MIT App Inventor, Build Your Own Blocks, and Python. I have tried App Inventor but hit an issue with the Block Editor which seems to be blocked by our firewall (being researched), and with Python I am struggling to find a straightforward Windows install with a UI (I've had a mix of suggestions from friends). If anyone has any suggestions about App Inventor and Python they'd be gratefully received!

Anyway, I though it best to turn the question on its head and find out what other schools are using in the typically restricted environments that aren't very amenable to running programming software? I understand the new Computing subjects requires both object and scripted programming, for lack of a better description.

In short, what are you using, or planning to use?