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Coding Thread, ASP online form. in Coding and Web Development; Hi I currently have a word document that all staff fill in and then email it to another member of ...
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    ASP online form.


    I currently have a word document that all staff fill in and then email it to another member of staff (will always be sent to this member of staff).

    What I would like to do is have this as an online form webpage (in ASP) but formatted exactly the same as the word doc (with logos and wording etc), so when it is sent via email it still looks the same and not just the result in text so it can be printed out. The form by the person who fills it in does not need to be saved or can be just results in a text file, no formatting.

    I know there are various free scripts about, I have looked at various, but none appear to give the resulting email the same format as original.

    Does anyone else do this? know what program I can use? has a script already I can edit?


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    Re: ASP online form.

    Hi Scott.

    I dont know if this will help you at all, but would it be possible to re-create the form using html, saving as a .asp page, and copy/paste the same code over to generate the email, with the filled in input boxes replaced with the user input, possibly in bold or something (assuming your mail client supports HTML messages). I believe the CDONTS object can handle this for you. (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/186204)

    However, if someone has a clever script that can take all the hassle out of this, I'd certainly be interested, for future projects.

    Best of luck with this.

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