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Coding Thread, Open source .net IDE in Coding and Web Development; I've just had a look at this and I'm very impressed. It's a full blown IDE with .net support for ...
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    Open source .net IDE

    I've just had a look at this and I'm very impressed. It's a full blown IDE with .net support for VB.net, C#, Python and more.
    It looks like a very high quality IDE, and totally free, too.

    Supported Programming Languages

    C# (Code Completion, Windows Forms Designer)
    VB.NET (Code Completion, Windows Forms Designer)
    Boo (Code Completion, Windows Forms Designer)
    IronPython (Code Conversion, Windows Forms Designer, partial Code Completion)
    IronRuby (Code Conversion, Windows Forms Designer)

    Designers and Frameworks

    Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
    Windows Forms
    Entity Framework (EF EDM Designer)
    SharpDevelop @ic#code

    I've tried importing some quite complex projects I wrote using VS2010 and it handles them no problem.

    Users of Visual Studio will feel right at home.
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    SharpDevelop - like SharpZip, is so last year.

    PS: You forgot WIX support. Something I wish Visual Studio for Desktops included.

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