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Coding Thread, Can someone create a vb script for me? in Coding and Web Development; Morning all. I am looking to be able to create a file that opens IE window at a certain URL, ...
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    Can someone create a vb script for me?

    Morning all.

    I am looking to be able to create a file that opens IE window at a certain URL, input the username, password and tick to confirm.
    Then to OK it and log in to the webpage.

    Dclick File on desktop - Website.ink
    >username autofills
    >password autofills
    >tick box auto ticks
    >OK is auto pressed
    = login successful to webpage - carry on.

    Or am I living in a dream world?

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    You won't be able to auto fill in the details through VB. Could you save the login page locally on a server with the filled in details (might need to edit the HTML to set the text box values) then point the shortcut to the local site you just saved. Then when you press login it'll redirect you to the main site with the correct credentials.

    Otherwise you'll need to create a shortcut and know what parameters to send the site to login. e.g. http://www.theurl.com/login.aspx?use...ord=mypassword. But most sites won't allow this because as you can see it's not very secure.

    To do it all automatically - yes afraid you're living in a dream world :-)

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    You could probably do this with an AutoIT macro. With the AutoIT record app, you can record your clicks and the action of typing in the login credentials. It will probably require a few rounds of testing and editing to make it work right, but it is possible.

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