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Cloud Services Thread, Office 365 - @students sub domain and SSO Question in Technical; Hello all. A couple of queries, if anyone can help i'd be most grateful. I'm rolling out student Email to ...
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    Question Office 365 - @students sub domain and SSO Question

    Hello all.

    A couple of queries, if anyone can help i'd be most grateful.

    I'm rolling out student Email to Office 365 and have a query about DirSync and Federation services. The thing is each user in the school is on the domain organisation.org.uk. The staff have been using email using the naming convention Name@organisation.org.uk and are hosted internally, and to be honest I dont want to move these yet.

    The students were using email on Live@EDU with the address User@Students.organisation.org.uk. Each Student email account was originally created using a CSV file and were not AD syncronized so no SSO. As there were only a few test accounts created, I'm happy to recreate all these accounts.

    Now, as we move across to 365 I would really like to use SSO and Synchronize the Students using fed services and DirSync. However, I dont want to move the staff accounts. So Is it possible to Syncronize the Onsite domain (organisation.org.uk) With the 365 Email Domain (@Students.organisation.org.uk) and have the credentials for the onsite domain match the Students email Domain and allow SSO?

    Hope that makes some sort of sense.
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    If you want to use DirSync, which is a pre-requisite for AD FS, then your users on-premise will need a UPN that matches up with what's in Office 365 which in your case would want to be @students.organisation.org.uk. Could you change the UPNs for your student users?

    It is possible to have users with a different UPN to their primary SMTP address (i.e. UPN: user@organisation.org.uk, SMTP: user@student.organisation.org.uk) in Office 365 but this is really not recommended.

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    You can add an additional UPN suffix in ad.


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