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Cloud Services Thread, Office 365 - DIRSYNC Issue "Constraint Validation has Occured" - FIXED in Technical; Hi, I recently had an issue with our deployment of Office 365 that I fixed. I wanted to share it ...
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    Office 365 - DIRSYNC Issue "Constraint Validation has Occured" - FIXED


    I recently had an issue with our deployment of Office 365 that I fixed. I wanted to share it here because there is almost zero information about this problem on the net.

    Online Services Directory Synchronization Wizard was not completing, it had completed in the past but on running again the following message is displayed "ERROR A constraint violation occured"

    All information on the internet suggests that this is related to the account that is running the wizard (defined at stage one) does not have permission to change attributes on a service account (MSOL_AD_Sync). The account that i was using was an Enterprise Admin and it was the account that originally ran the tool when it suceeded.

    Had to create a new account for the stage one credential check, gave it Enterprise Admin rights on the domain and the wizard then completed successfully. The account that was used can then be disabled as it is not used again in this process which negates the risk of giving it Enterprise Admin rights.

    Hope this helps someone else. I ended up placing a support call with Microsoft who were just as lost as i was so i just tried everything I could think of until i had some success.

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    Had exactly the same situation myself; can confirm this sorted it out for us too!


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