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Cloud Services Thread, Exchange to Google Apps in Technical; Has anyone used the Google Apps migration tool for exchange? if so how did you find the process and educating ...
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    Exchange to Google Apps

    Has anyone used the Google Apps migration tool for exchange? if so how did you find the process and educating your staff on how to access the new email system? (also curious if Outlook can be configured to access the Google Apps email account without much pain and fuss?)

    Our school recently lost our relay so most outgoing emails are getting bounced. I'm 5 minutes away from decommissioning the exchange server and migrating to google apps for our staff. I'm only hesitant because i'm worried how well the transition would take. looking from a user's pov, i wouldn't want much disruption on their end. if possible, migrate all the data and then reconfigure their outlook accounts automatically.

    cheers for thoughts/opinions/experiences.

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    I believe we had oth accounts running n outlook, and most people copied that way, as we were on hosted exchange before. I used "imapsync" for my mail.

    The transition was a little painful. Google's outlook connector is still something of a crock, and does not play nice with authenticating proxies. When it works, it's great, when it doesn't, troubleshooting is hard.

    If you can get people to move onto Gmail, I would say it is well worth it. If you have a load of folks wedded to outlook, they'll not like it.

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