I am thinking of moving my small business over to Office 365, we currently have 35 users.

We have 2 different type of employees here, lets say type A and type B. Type A i would like to be working in a browser, using Outlook, Word and Excel from the browser but have the option to install these apps locally on their computers if needs be. This is fine, right, Office 365 can do this? I also want these users to be using a cloud based storage solution as opposed to on-site storage that i want Type B employees to use. Does Skydrive come with Office 365 and if not how much and how difficult would it be setup these users with a Skydrive account and can a skydrive account be mapped to a local drive letter? Does Skydrive come with an admin panel for me to easily create and delete users, setup shared folders etc and set permissions on it?

My other question is, if i play for Office 365 on a yearly subscription basis, i assume when newer versions of Office are released, we get upgraded to these for no extra cost?

I hope someone can answer these questions for me as i'm struggling on whether or not to stay in-house and local or move over to the cloud.