Hi All,

I am going to be delivering an online webinar on the 19th August 2014 around Getting Started with Microsoft Azure. It's a webinar that effectively gets' run every week by my colleague but on this day in particular I shall be presenting the session and I would encourage those of your whom do not know what Azure is, are maybe looking to potentially use it in the future or are just curious to come along.

If your unable to make it don't worry, it's run on a weekly basis like i say and so other days are available if the 19th isn't good for your calendar.

You can find out more information here: Microsoft Azure Weekly – Getting Started with Azure | James Evans - EduTech's Blog

If you have any questions let me know,


p.s. If the 19th isn't good for your diary, check out my colleagues article for other days and links to the respective registration pages: Azure Weekly (getting started with Azure: weekly webinar) - Plankytronixx - Site Home - MSDN Blogs