I'm assisting another school at the moment migrate to Office 365 who are also changing their domain name which has gone well, however I hit a snag today.

When I changed our domain, I also set up an automatic reply to go back to the sender saying the address has changed and then forwarded the message on which I though was quite logical and worked perfectly for us.

Today however I discovered that on one mailbox I'd managed to create a reply loop with an external organisation who have an automatic reply on a shared mailbox. Therefore when they sent their brochure out from the shared mailbox, my automatic reply kicked in followed by their automatic reply which carried on for several hours until someone contacted me.

Does anyone know how I can create a mailbox rule which will only reply 2/3 times to an email address before not sending anymore automatic replies? I can configure the forwarding addresses so that it gets sent to a unique alias, it's just the limited number of times I'm stumped on.