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Cloud Services Thread, O365 domain authentication in Technical; How do you authenticate office 365 domain with out changing mx records? I want student to sign on with out ...
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    O365 domain authentication

    How do you authenticate office 365 domain with out changing mx records? I want student to sign on with out school e-mail address to download the pro plus software.

    Also I am right in thinking that the directory sync tool should put the user into into office and they should then be able to login to the domain.

    Also how do I remove A2 licence form my account.

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    Within the Office 365 console, it'll allow you to add the domain, then provide instructions to add a record or a TXT file. This must be done by Service Birmingham who manage Birmingham school domains. At this point the domain is authorised and you can start allocating licenses and importing users. When you're ready to change over, this is when the MX record gets updated to point to Microsoft's servers.

    To add/remove licenses from existing users, select Users and Groups, select the user and remove the license.

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    Just a note, if you require them. To log in with their email address you need to make sure your email domain is their upn in ad.otherwise their login will be a .onmicrosoft.com upn.

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