Hi All,

I wonder if anyone can shed any light on this for me (please!).

We have just merged schools and I now have the lovely task of merging the networks. My school (SchoolA) is half way through a staged migration using DIRSync, I plan to finish this migration before starting any other.
The other school (SchoolB) is on prem Exc 2007, with totally different domain name. I have added the domain to SchoolA's 365 account and plan to do a cutover migration shortly after the staged is finished.
Once the cutover has taken place, both domains are migrating to a brand new domain which I then want to DIRSync again with the cloud having given all mailboxes a new default email address and link it all back up!

Can I do this? I understand that I will have to disable sync a couple of days before this takes place. Is that it though? What process should I take to do this??

Many thanks for any response!