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Cloud Services Thread, Help with Chromebooks in Technical; Hi All, The school has just bought 6 chromebooks (not my choice, I've just been landed with them), They are ...
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    Help with Chromebooks

    Hi All,

    The school has just bought 6 chromebooks (not my choice, I've just been landed with them), They are going to be used by our learning support department and will be shared between users. I have set up a gmail account so that I can test them, but my guess is this isn't the best way to do it as I now have a public email address which anyone who uses the chromebooks will have the password for and it won't be long before little Jimmy sends a nasty email from the account. So before I let these shiny new toys out, is there a way to use the chromebooks without having a public email address.

    thanks in advance


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    Depends what you want to do. You could allow use as guest if you just want to use them to browse. Or you could get access to the google apps fro Education control panel and get management licences for the chromebooks. The former is free, the latter are about £15-20 per unit. That might be a bit of a high overhead for 6 of them!

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