Hi folks,

Does anyone else use Onlineschoolbooking.com? (AKA Bob for the Meeting Rooms function FREE 3 month trial - Online Room booking, equipment booking, online marking, exam information, parent evening bookings & student lists)

We’ve been using it for a couple of years, but we don’t receive an invoice ahead of the subscription running out and then it takes a couple of days to resolve and get our subscription reactivated. We’ve forgiven them because the product is excellent and historically it’s been sorted out quickly, but this time we’ve been unable to contact the usual person (Thomas Earl) via the contact@onlineschoolbooking.com address for over a week.

We’re going to look for other contact email addresses, and use their snail mail address also, but has anyone else had success (or failure) contacting this company? There was some suggestion that Thomas is a teacher, and runs this in his spare time.